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Our Technology

AlgorID has developed a novel biometric system that is designed to meet the requirements of the forensic sector by enhancing the matching of latent prints.

Latent prints are typically acquired from a crime scene, and are often only partial prints, smudged or distorted, so matching is difficult and error-prone. Our unique algorithm processes latent prints with greater accuracy, speed and reliability than existing automatic fingerprint identification systems.

Our algorithm achieves significant performance improvements over existing systems by using an advanced mathematics approach to match features represented in a 3D perspective.

Improved Accuracy And Matching Speed

Trials on our current proof of concept software give 98.6% accuracy using a NIST dataset of 1600 fingerprints. By June 2021, we aim to achieve fast analysis and over 99% accuracy; placing us substantially ahead of competitors and widening the range of what can be considered a usable partial fingerprint.

Protecting Our Intellectual Property

Our approach to processing latent prints is the subject of the UK and International patents that protect our approach to fusing together current automated and manual print matching techniques with a novel, disruptive approach to analysis and print processing.

Benefits Of Our Technology

The AlgorID AFIS Technology


Provides accurate and reliable matching from latent prints that are presently too incomplete or distorted to make matching possible. Currently, more than 12-15 minutiae points on a partial latent print are required for it to be deemed usable. Our algorithm will reduce this usability threshold. This should increase the number of guilty individuals who are identified and convicted when incomplete prints are left behind at a crime scene.


Improves the capacity for latent prints to be used as admissible evidence in criminal proceedings. At present, low accuracy rates mean that evidence-based upon latent prints is considered inadmissible, or not given the weighting extended to other forms of scientific evidence.


Speeds up the print analysis and matching process for latent prints when compared to existing technology, and provide the first 99% accuracy matching for latent prints. Decreases the number of false-positive matches, so that innocent people are less likely to be convicted of crimes.


Reduces the labour costs involved in latent print verification by decreasing the time spent for manual verification by fingerprint experts. Allows Biometric Solutions Providers flexibility in the use of our technology, depending upon their client’s requirements and regulations.

How to gain access to our technology

Our business model starts with agreeing on a 12-month Integration and Validation Contract
with biometric Solution Providers (BSP). This contract will provide the BSP with time-limited access to our
technology and our consultant, who will modify the core algorithm so that it integrates with the BSP’s AFIS.
Once integrated, the BSP will run a series of side-by-side fingerprint matching exercises to establish the
performance gain of the Algorid technology to their existing system.

Following a successful Integration and validation process AlgorID aims to enter into commercial arrangements with BSP’s for use of our technology within their AFIS,
which will require an ongoing embedded technical support relationship.

Upcoming events

We are currently organising a series of technology evaluation events whereby interested BSPs
and end-users can witness the AlgorID technology in action. These events will take place from June 2021.
If you are interested in participating in the technology evaluation events contact us.

Our Services

AlgorID provides expert consultancy services to print enhancement companies on a software-as-a-service basis. Where the physical enhancement of latent prints using VMD (Vacuum-Metal-Decomposition) is performed we offer the capability to validate the accuracy of the digital enhancement process and provide feedback to the development processes.

The Team

Dr Peter Kitching – Director

Started as a Pure Mathematician and is the inventor of the AlgorID technology. Dr Kitching specialises in signal processing and machine vision.

Mr Paul Garman – Non Executive Director

Paul has over 25 years business development and sales management experience working at the highest levels within major corporates. His first experience in forensics was in 2005 while working on the first national fingerprint database, and in more recent times he has been supporting the commercialisation and market exploitation of disruptive digital forensics technology research in universities. This brought him into contact with the exciting innovation across academia in the UK.

Aside his experience in forensics, Paul has been working on the government ‘Innovation to Commercialisation of University Research’ programme for 4 years and in this capacity brings a wealth of small business knowledge, and a huge investor network. He also has extensive contacts in the defence industry.

Professor Andrew Pollard – Director

Prof Pollard has a background in IP exploitation and new product development with a career split between industry and academia, and has been involved as a director in spin-out companies from both.

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